I'm a filmmaker, self-shooting director and cinematographer with a background in documentary filmmaking.
7 years of experience developing and delivering film projects for companies, non-profit organisations, museums and artists.
I typically work together with clients across the full production cycle, developing projects in pre-production before filming, editing and delivering the final films. I've also worked on crews both big and small on local and overseas productions from Tokyo to LA and plenty of places in between.
With a background in documentary, I'm driven by the desire to tell human stories that are authentic and meaningful. No matter whether the film is about a community outreach program or an innovative new product, there is always a moving story to be told. Visuals are an integral part of that story, and on every project I strive to push the visual language to a place that is engaging and cinematic.
I studied journalism as part of a media and communications BA in Sydney before moving to Berlin to study a Master's in Visual & Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin. 
I grew up in England and Australia, but for now home is Berlin. Feel free to reach out no matter where you're reading this from.
Speak to you soon / bis bald.